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The Rescue Boats and Patrol Boat 760cm, 25ft for test on the sea

RIB760, 7.6m 25ft, for Rescue boats, life boats, patrol boats

Fiberglass hull + Inflatable Hypalon tube, (PVC tube for choose)

Centre console,

Back seats

double Yamaha 115hp engines

for 12 to 14 people

RIB Boat, Fiberglass hull with inflatable tube boats, RIBS, Rescue boats Series 760cm 25ft
Over length: 760cm
Over width: 300cm (inside width:1.6m)
Tube Diameter:   50 to 70cm gradual change
No. of Compartments of Tube : 7
the weight of hull: 760kgs
Max person: 12 to 14 peosons
Recommend engine: 2x115hp (double engine) or 1x200hp
Cruising speed without load: ≥30kts (about 38knots)
Packing size: 760x210x120cm
40 container:2pcs x RIB760

Accessories for choose:

Foot Pump
Repair kit
Front box with cushion
Standard FRP anchor
Center console include windscreen,oil gauge and switch
Seat box
Alu or Frp Abar with lights
200L built in fuel tank
Bulge pump
Hydraulic steering System
Front Table

FRP Step

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